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After the transfer of authority of the  to  had lost the most important political function, we celebrated. Shortly after the murder Narutowicza pi%u0142sudczykowskiego may have been a coup. The radical group of supporters of was planning to carry out breast actives against the national democracy, which blamed the responsibility for the death of the president. They intend to utilize for this purpose in Warsaw the who had carried out the physical liquidation of some activists of the national camp. The plan invasion  led the army that could, in this situation to restore order and take power in the state. These intentions, however, were torpedoed by the PPS leader, Ignatiuswhich prevented the start of the whole  The economic policy of successive governments was the reason for sizeable social discontent. In 1923, 74% of the budget covered by revenue from the breast actives. This treatment, however, was less and less profitable - the currency lost in value, thus increasing the amount of money in circulation reduced the real income of the State. Hyperinflation also influenced the decline in the profitability of exports, has also led to a rapid increase in prices and significant fluctuations in the real value of wages.

One major problem the next breast actives was also the issue of land reform compromise, which, according to the landowners  did not should be done, and for the peasants has been very unfavorable.

Activities designed to lead to economic recovery has only  government of  who also took over asGrabski received special powers from , by virtue of which led to changes in tax legislation, take out the necessary loans, the introduction of new currency, advertisements statute issuing bank, the sale of state enterprises and start savings shares. The result was to halt hyperinflation and economic recovery. However, in the first half of 1925 was to re-aggravation. Previous year's crop failure led to a crisis in agriculture. Unemployment has risen - in the first quarter of  unemployment was  thousand. people, and in November of this year already 240 thousand. This ratio increased. At this time also increased fiscal deficit - it was in the first quarter of breast actives in the second rose. Moreover, increased the difference between the value of imports and exports - in the first half of it amounted to, in the first half of 1925 already. Also increased prices, particularly large increase took place in  - in the case of industrial goods.